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REVISTA BEIO | Volumen 25 no. 3, 2009
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M. A. Gil, Leandro Pardo

  • Confidence Interval for the Variance of a Normal Distribution: "Equal Tails" Interval versus Optimal Alternatives. J. M. Pavía
  • An introduction to smoothing with penalties: P-splines. M. Durbán
  • Generating functions: a useful tool for computing power indices. J. M. Alonso, B. Casas
  • Small area estimation of poverty indicators. I. Molina, D. Morales
  • The book of Chess, Dice and Tables of Alfonso X The Learned. A dice's game called Guiguiesca. J. Basulto, M. D. Pérez
  • Funding of the Spanish Research in Mathematics. R. Cao, J. Fidalgo
  • Statistical Research on Public Policy. C. Pérez


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